Hanging with my pumpkin


When we went to pick up daddy in the gondola he decided it would be fun to spend some time letting Ava ride around on the snowboard. All was good until he let go of her as he shot her down a small hill towards the sidewalk…..and didn’t tell anyone to catch her!!!! I realized what was happening as I shot the last pic of her & didn’t see Jonathan in the picture!!!!

Everything turned out ok and she didn’t get scared or hurt when no one was there to catch her…she even stayed on the snowboard. So, daddy was off the hook this time, :)


Sledding! Ava had so much fun and did NOT want to leave until we were in the car and she realized her little fingers were frozen :( Each time daddy shot her down the hill & we picked her up out of the sled she sat right back down to go again. She is so adventurous!

After a few minutes down the road her hands felt much better…poor thing!


Strolling the quiet streets of Vail, Colorado. It was incredibly cold there because of the taller buildings blocking all sunlight.


Ava loved riding the gondola to meet up with Daddy at the lodge. The sun was a bit bright so Mommy bought her some fun sunglasses that she loves to wear! Now her little eyes can see what she is doing while cruising on Daddy’s snowboard!


Ava loved, loved the snow! It took her a little while to figure out how to maneuver in the many layers of clothing but she had a great time!

We enjoyed lunch with Daddy, Yaya & Aunt Kristen at the lodge and a relaxing afternoon with Pops at the log cabin.


For Thanksgiving we met Yaya, Pops & Aunt Kristen in Colorado. Our first stop was Denver. We loved the city and enjoyed staying in a super cool hotel downtown. Ava is an awesome traveler….although her luggage is a bit cumbersome…..it was quite interesting traveling with so much as we headed to the snow!


Ava is having a blast with all of her birthday gifts! Pops & Big Happy put together her tricycle for her and she cruised around the neighborhood. She loves it and doesn’t bother with her helmet at all! As she passes by the skater boys next door she raises her little finger and shakes her arm at them making sure they all know she is 1 YEAR OLD NOW! Ha! I think she wants to make sure they know she is big now and they will be seeing more of her outside on her new tricycle :)

Thanks again to everyone who showered our big 1 year old (baby girl) with gifts at her party. She loves them all!


We spent the afternoon relaxing at the beach. Jonathan took his mom out surfing for her birthday, Ava played in the sand for hours and loved every minute of it! She offered tons of entertainment to her Big Happy, Pops, Yaya, Aunt Andrea, Mommy & Daddy!!!! We ended the evening with a bonfire. It was the perfect way to warm up the chilly evening air and a great time to teach Ava the concept of hot. (Which she has down quite well. When she sees or senses something may be hot she waves her hands at it like we would wave our hand at the bonfire.) She’s genius! Hehe!


On August 16th we dedicated our baby girl to the Lord at Kingsfield Church. Pastor Chris Norman prayed for her, for us as parents and for our family. It is important to us to raise our children in the ways of the Lord and this was simply a public display of our family focus. It was so great to have so many of our extended family members visiting so they could be with us!

Ava’s Life Verse: Philippians 1:20

It is my eager expectation and hope that I will not be at all ashamed, but that with full courage now as always Christ will be honored in my body, whether by life or by death.

Our prayer is that Ava will never be ashamed of Christ and will live according to His word.